Our Practice Areas

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Car Accidents

Car accidents are among the most well-known and well-recognized injury-causing incidents in the United States.  Car accidents can cause bodily injury, damage to your vehicle and/or personal property and can also result in wage loss and/or other related out-of-pocket expenses.  In short, car accidents can be physically, emotionally and financially detrimental.

Bicycle Accidents

Given the competing nature of the vehicles involved, bicycle accidents typically involve significant injuries and often involve contested issues of liability which can result in claims being denied and/or disputed.

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle injuries usually involve significant injuries and extensive damage on many levels.

Taxi Accidents

Taxi Cab accidents are a frequent occurrence in the Las Vegas valley.

Truck Accidents

Although a vital part of the Las Vegas economy, large trucks are a potentially dangerous presence on our state’s roadways.  Individuals injured in truck accidents are likely facing significant medical bills and are possibly missing valuable time from work.

Drunk Driving Accidents

The damages caused by drunk drivers in the Las Vegas area are significant and often catastrophic.  The losses, damages, and injuries can be overwhelming, life-altering and sometimes fatal.


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